Legal Documents

You barely need it but below are our legal documentations.

Service Level Agreement

Network & Server Uptime

FragPlus guarantees a 99.9% network and server uptime. If in any given month we fail to meet this guarantee a credit may be issued to a FragPlus customer on request.

The following requirements must be met while claiming credits:

  • Your account must be in good standing. (No overdue invoices / pending cancellations / abuse reports.)
  • You must submit a ticket through our client portal to the billing department.
  • All requests must be submitted within 7 days of the reported downtime.
  • All requests must contain a ticket ID or announcement notification of the service interruption.

SLA Credit will be generated as follows based on your monthly renewal price:

99.8% – 99.5% 5%
99.4% – 99% 10%
98.9% – 98.5% 15%
98.4% – 95% 20%
Below 95% 25%

SLA Terms and Conditions

Downtime for the following events shall not be accounted for:

  • DDoS Attacks
  • Scheduled downtime or planned maintenance
  • Interruption of service due to unpaid invoices, abuse notifications and violations of term of service.
  • ISP or local connection problems
  • Customer-controlled downtime
  • Natural Disasters or events beyond our control
  • Internal services such as MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc.